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Scott & Crew: George and I want to thank you for a terrific job on our house.

Everyone who worked here treated us with great respect and professionalism.

Our best to all!”
Mary & George Doud

An Affordable First Step

An energy audit is the crucial first step to assess where energy is consumed in your home or commercial building. With an energy audit, we can determine exactly which measures will make your structure more energy efficient and save you significant amounts of money over time. We also make it possible for you to receive Efficiency Vermont incentives for thermal improvements to your home.

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What Is Involved In An Energy Audit?

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We start with a 2-3 hour building inspection. This includes a review of your insulation, heating systems and “thermal envelope”. We use specialized equipment such as infrared cameras and blower door test equipment. An infrared camera helps us detect heat loss, air infiltration and moisture problems. A blower door depressurizes the house helping us locate and measure the volume of air leaks. We also do an inspection and test of the boiler/furnace, and test the efficiency of the heat distribution systems in your home or commercial building.

Our Written Report is Your Road Map

For short term and long term savings up to 70%

Example Energy Audit ReportAfter inspection and testing, we spend another 4-6 hours writing a complete report of our findings. (Most auditors do not provide a detailed written report of the same caliber.)  Our reports include a detailed list of recommended work and estimated costs, with projected energy savings for each recommendation.  The audit report ensures that any dollars you invest in improvements will be spent where they’re needed most.

The audit is your first step to Efficiency Vermont funding.  We send an additional report to Efficiency Vermont that summarizes improvements that may qualify for grants.  Most of our clients qualify for grants ranging from $400-$2,000.  As part of the audit process we collect all required information and submit the application for incentives from Efficiency Vermont. Any rebates will be mailed directly to you.

Why have Building Energy do your audit?

  • We are certified by the Building Performance Institute (BPI) as well as Efficiency Vermont. This means that our staff has undergone training and passed rigorous examinations.
  • We provide a detailed report and invoicing.
  • We use state of the art tools and methods.
  • You can have confidence dealing with professionals who have been working for over 30 years building & remodeling in the local community.
  • We provide accurate costing for all aspects of energy conservation and renewable energy because we have been doing the work ourselves since 1981.
  • Most importantly – we are experienced having audited, repaired, insulated and improved hundreds of building over the past 30 years.  We have experience in both conservation and renewable energy products. Our reports can include pricing for solar PV and Cold Climate Heat  Pumps if requested. ** Click here to read one of the articles written about our residential audits or to view case studies. **
  • Our reports are based on experience by our building analyst professionals.  We lay out the problems and offer solutions that other auditors miss because of their lack of construction background.  We include comprehensive solutions including the cost benefit analyses of going Solar as a possibility in our analysis.  Since we have remodeled hundreds of residential and commercial buildings, we know what is going on underneath building surfaces.  We know how to interpret data from testing equipment that other auditors miss.

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News: Building Energy Assists Town of Williston To Get Energy Grant

Building Energy did an energy audit on the Williston Town Hall. The completed report was submitted to the Vermont Community Climate Change Program, which granted a $12,000 State grant.

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