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Energy-efficient windows, doors, and skylights can work to effectively lower a home’s heating and cooling costs while also working to cut backlighting costs. We represent industry-leading manufacturers of “warm edge technology” making super-efficient windows. These super-efficient windows combine durability and performance with beauty and value. The end result is significant savings of energy and money. We have samples from companies in our showroom.

What Makes A Window Energy-Efficient?

Source: California Energy Services

Multiple Panes

Double pane glass featuring a space in between each pane that is filled with gas or air, insulates more efficiently than single pane glass. Along with stronger impact resistance and sound insulation, the energy efficiency provided by triple pane windows is even greater when compared to single or double pane windows.


Keep heat outside in the summer and inside in the winter with the infrared light reflecting coating on Low-E-Glass. Low-E-Glass also works to reflect harmful ultraviolet light, which can fade interior furnishings.

Gas Fills

The most energy-efficient windows feature argon or krypton gas between the panels. These gases which are colorless, odorless, and non-toxic, provide superior insulation when compared to regular air.

Warm Edge Spacers

A warm-edge spacer works to keep a window’s glass panes the precise distance apart. Today’s warm edge spacers diminish heat flow and prevent condensation.

Improved Frame Materials

Wood composites, vinyl, and fiberglass frames reduce heat transfer and help insulate better.

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