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Weatherization & Insulation

Vermont is tough. Is your home ready?

From frigid winters to hot and humid summers, Vermont is a challenging environment to live in! Of course, we know the intensity of Vermont’s seasons contributes to how beautiful it is but only if you are prepared!

We have four decades of experience improving and building homes in Vermont that withstand the elements and time.


The four seasons we love are only enjoyable if your home is comfortable!

Lower Bills

While insulation projects may seem daunting to undertake, they will save you money in the long term.

Go Green!

Many people think of solar when considering making their home green. In reality, insulation and air sealing also have a huge impact on your home’s energy use! In the winter, use less fuel for more heating; in the summer, use less electricity for more cooling!

Why Work with Building Energy


Think of the Earth!

Building Energy uses non-toxic insulation. Our cellulose is made with up to 85% recycled material! Further, spray foam is made using recycled plastic and soy, reducing its overall impact significantly.

Less Energy for More Comfort

When people think of efficient homes, they often picture huge solar arrays. In reality, the first step to having an efficient home is often ensuring that you can maintain a comfortable temperature without using more energy than necessary!
Piggy Bank

Save Money

A penny saved is a penny earned! Invest in making your home more efficient and reap the benefits of lower heating and cooling costs, as well as a higher value for your home.

Solar Customer Replaces Windows as a Returning Client in South Burlington

Repeat Customer After having a solar project installed in 2013 and a window replacement project in 2021, Kyle is well qualified to speak on his experiences with Building Energy. Ultimately, customer satisfaction is why many clients of ours are repeat…

7 Main Benefits of Closed Cell Spray Foam Insulation

The cost of spray foam insulation can sound daunting to many homeowners, especially when compared to cheaper alternatives like fiberglass insulation. While fiberglass can be significantly cheaper, it is also way less effective and not as energy-efficient particularly in the…
Hear From Our Customers
We had a very positive experience with Building Energy and I would recommend them to everyone! They were communicative and prompt and professional every step of the way, from the initial communications with the office manager, to the scheduling of the energy assessment and the energy upgrades project, to post-project follow-ups regarding the rebates. Whenever I had questions or concerns at any step, they were there to answer my questions. The staff are very knowledgeable and were a wealth of information about how to improve the energy efficiency of our home, both in the short term and long term. They completed the work within the planned time frame, and we’re very happy with the improvements that they’ve completed– the upgrades have made a big difference in the efficiency and comfort of our home, and we’re already seeing improvements with our energy bills!
Minna R.

Check Out Our Energy Audit Time Lapse

Types of Insulation

Building Energy offers different insulation options for different spaces and conditions. Each space is different, and often times a wall requires a different kind of insulation than an attic. 

Solar Customer Replaces Windows as a Returning Client in South Burlington

Repeat Customer After having a solar project installed in 2013 and a window replacement project in 2021, Kyle is well qualified to speak on his experiences with Building Energy. Ultimately,…

Dense Pack Cellulose Insulation

We use the term “dense pack” when we are referring to cellulose installed at densities of 4.0 lbs/cuft. The settling and moisture problems of the past have been overcome with the advent of the dense pack cellulose installation technique.

Loose Fill Cellulose Insulation

Loose fill cellulose is most often applied in areas with flat, horizontal surfaces. It is perfect for attic insulation, particularly when additional insulation needs to be added. Loose fill cellulose insulation can be added right on top of fiberglass insulation or other insulating materials.

Spray Foam Insulation

When applied, spray foam insulation expands to fills every nook and cranny, making a tight seal in the building shell. We use environmentally friendly foam, that has the unique ecological benefit of recycling plastic waste into a Rigid Spray Polyurethane Foam. This helps to more efficiently utilize the world’s non renewable resources.

Work With The Best

Andrew Charbonneau

Andrew Charbonneau joined Building Energy in 2001 as a Project Manager after earning a Construction Management degree from VT Tech.…

Brent Mellen

Brent Mellen joined the Building energy team in 2009. He operates Building Energy’s White River Junction office where he performs residential…

Jacob Smeriglio

Jacob Smeriglio joined the Building Energy team in September 2020 as a Weatherization Technician and has quickly become an asset…

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