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Diagram of how triple-glazed windows work

Have you heard of triple-glazed windows? Did your neighbor recently upgrade all their windows and tell you how much of an improvement the upgrade has made? Are you considering replacing your older windows with high-performance windows? Building Energy can offer you energy-efficient window installation, including triple-glazed windows.

What are triple-glazed windows?

First off, glazing is another word for glass. Triple-glazed windows are windows with three panes or layers of glass. They are also known as triple-pane windows. You may be familiar with single-pane or double-pane windows. These are also known as single-glazed and double-glazed windows. Each pane provides an additional insulating air layer between your home and the outdoors.

What are the benefits of triple-glazed windows?

Customers choose triple-glazed windows over traditional windows to take advantage of these benefits:

  1. Increased insulation performance
  2. Reduced heat loss and cold drafts
  3. Reduced noise and sound transmission
  4. Reduced condensation on windows
  5. Increased energy efficiency
  6. Increased durability and rigidity
  7. Increased security (harder to break)

Plus, if you choose windows that are also Low-E, your windows will block the sun’s rays and reflect heat. You can then expect less wear and tear on your home’s heating and cooling systems, flooring, fabrics, and materials. With all of these benefits, you can also see reduced energy bills, especially in cold climates.

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Would you like to learn more about triple-glazed windows?

Whether you want a more comfortable, less humid, or quieter home, reach out to Building Energy to learn more about triple-glazed windows. You can contact us at 802-859-3384, email [email protected], or fill out our contact form.

If you are also interested in weatherization, consider air sealing and insulation projects that can amplify the benefits of replacing your windows. Not sure where to start? Consider an energy audit to help prioritize energy-saving projects in your home.

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