Cold Climate Heat Pumps

Cold Climate Heat Pumps in Vermont

Move It, Don’t Heat (or COOL) It!

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Building Energy is a certified Diamond Contractor and installer of Mitsubishi Heat Pumps, the world leader in heat pump technology.

Heat Pumps Benefits

Heat pumps are able to harness the warm air that is outside and move it indoors, making them an efficient source of home heating and cooling (AC). With new advances, heat pumps are able to operate down to -15 degrees Fahrenheit, making them great for Vermont!

  • Reduce Heating Costs
  •  Reduce Cooling Costs
  •  Increase the Comfort of your home

Carbon Reduction

By moving the heat indoors instead of creating it, heat pumps are able to make a comfortable home environment easily and efficiently.

Power your heat pump with solar and have net-zerono impact comfort.

Solar + Heat Pump Illustration

Heat Pump Facts

The majority of systems take one day to install it is convenient to make the move towards comfort and savings. Heat pumps are a great option fo any Vermont looking to conciously increase the comfort of their home. Heat Pumps are widely used around the world and with new cold climate operating abilities the benefits can now be realized here in the North!

How do they work? Efficiency Vermont has made it simple to understand. Click Here to learn more about the technology.

Installing a heat pump was one of the wisest moves we have made! Building Energy did a great installation job at a reasonable price and we had a cool summer and a warm, cozy winter thanks to them. Building Energy has previously installed solar electric panels so this past winter we saw solar electric energy converted to heating our home.”

Burt Hamrell

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