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With so many solar installation companies popping up, learn why Jeff Myers of Myers Recycling Center decided to work with Building Energy on his system.

Special thanks to Jeff Myers for helping us make this project a success!

With over 600 solar panels, this system helps power multiple offices and homes. Jeff says, “We were spending over $20,000 a year on power and now we spend absolutely nothing.”

Jeff also noted that one great benefit of working with Building Energy is the monthly solar system monitoring. Building Energy and Myers Recycling Center can view the real-time performance of the system from a computer or mobile device.

In the unlikely event of an issue with the system, our team will be notified and will work to find solutions right away. Check out this dashboard showing the performance of another solar project at the Hinesburg Town Garage to see what the monitoring looks like.

Don’t Be a Number – Go Solar with Your Neighbor!

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