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Generac PwrCell attached to the interior walls of a home in Vermont after a solar panel installation by Building Energy

Environmental Responsibility, Independence, Preparedness, or Investment?

Everyone has their own reasons for considering solar and battery storage; What is yours?

The Solar System:

Panels: We opted to install 7 x 340 Watt all black Q Cell panels on the south facing roof.

Continuing, Q Cell panels, engineered in Germany, are known for their high-temperature tolerance and outstanding efficiency while maintaining an affordable price tag.

These panels are rated at a combined 2.38 kilowatts and will produce 2,348 kilowatt-hours per year in this location.

The roof on the garage has perfect exposure for panels, making the decision as to where to put the panels simple. Another benefit of this setup is that there plenty of room for the homeowner to upgrade the system as her budget allows.

The Battery Storage:

The Generac PwrCell is a modular solar energy storage system that gives homeowners the opportunity to run their home using the sun 24/7, operate their house in the event of a prolonged power outage, and reduce their carbon emissions.

Moreover, one great feature of the PwrCell is its Modularity. The homeowner has the ability to choose the amount of storage they need. This way they can upgrade down the line as their budget or goals dictate!

After some consultation, the customer decided on the 8.6 kilowatt-hours of storage. This is enough to run her home with no sun at normal capacity for 24 hours. It will run much longer if just using necessary appliances such as the fridge.

If taking into consideration average sun exposure, the system could run her fridge and light bulbs indefinitely!

In the event of an outage, the PwrCell automatically switches on. Your home will silently switch to being run by the batteries in under a second!

True Energy Independence!

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