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Solar panels being installed on a residential roof

Which is best for your home?

When considering how to mount a potential solar system to power your home, there are two common methods. The first and most well known method is a flush roof mount. This is a great option particularly among those with limited space. The roof mount makes your home look modern, while not wasting any space on your property. The only potential drawback for roof mount solar is that you need a south facing roof with enough space for your electricity production needs.

roof mount solar system
Roof Mount Solar on an atypical roof

The next common solar installation is ground mount solar. Ground mount is a fantastic option in a few scenarios. Sometimes, a home is backed up to, or surrounded by large shading trees. Other times there is not roof that is facing the ideal direction. Another time ground mount is awesome is if you have a significant amount of cleared property, such as a field. In the field (or in this case an apple orchard) there will be sun for longer periods of time, and the panels can be oriented in the optimal direction for maximum electricity production.

ground mount solar system

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