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Residential Client
Bill M.

Hinesburg, VT

A two-story house

Installation Date
July 2011

System Details
System Type: Utility Interactive Photovoltaic System without Batteries

Rated Capacity: 8.64 kilowatts

Modules: (36) SolarWorld SW240, 25-year power warranty

Inverter: SMA SB8000US, 8000-Watt Grid-tie inverter, 96% efficient

Racking: Unirac SolarMount with Ecofasten Flashing Plates

Predicted Savings
Expect to generate nearly 10,000 kilowatt-hours annually ($2,000 under SolarGMP)

Related Images

Solar PV Array, 8.64 kW

Solar Disconnect & Revenue Meter

Solar Disconnect & Revenue Meter

Solar Inverter, SMA SB8000US

Solar Inverter, SMA SB8000US

Roof Attachment witih Shingle Flashing Plate

Roof Attachment with Shingle Flashing Plate

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