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Solar panels on top of Leunigs restaurant in Burlington, VT

Leunig’s Bistro


A four-Story historic building in Downtown District

Installation Date
December 2010

System Details
System Type: Utility Interactive PV System without Batteries

Rated Capacity: 26.4 kilowatts

Modules: (120) Sanyo HIT220, 20-year warranty

Inverters: (4) SMA SB7000US, 7000-Watt Each, Grid-tie Inverters

Racking on North Roof: Low-Profile Rack with Tilt Legs

Racking on South Roof: Flush-mount Rack with 12″ Stand-off Posts

Predicted Savings
Designed to produce 28,000 kilowatt-hours annually.


Building Energy was contracted to design and install a solar photovoltaic system on the roof of this popular downtown restaurant.

The roof system needed significant structural improvements just to meet current building codes.

Our Approach

We assembled a team of engineers, designers, and installers and we were able to put forth a plan that met or exceeded all applicable building codes and operated within the owner’s budget. The installation was completed on time.

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