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Solar panels on roof of Vermont home in Spring

General maintenance of your solar system is key to ensuring optimal output for many decades. Here are some tips regarding care for your solar system.

  1. Monitor your solar inverter for any error codes or warnings.
  2. Check the solar panels for damages, particularly after a Winter with higher snowfall, and check to see that panels are not indented or damaged in any fashion.
  3. You can clean your solar array two times a year, although light rain may be sufficient in cleaning the panels of debris depending if you live in a particularly dusty area. Checking for leaves, pollen, dirt, dust, sand, droppings from birds or other animals should be part of your regular visual checks. For the majority of solar panels simply using a garden hose should suffice.
  4. We do NOT recommend using a pressure washer as this may compromise the seals and cause damage not covered under warranty.
  5. You should trim back any trees that shade the solar array. Inspect the area under the panels for debris and evidence of animal nests. Squirrels can cause damage if they take up residence under your solar panels.
  6. Lastly, by monitoring the output of the system you can ensure that the array is performing as expected and producing energy at peak performance. Contact Building Energy if you need help or have questions about these suggestions.

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