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Our renovation services can accomplish much more than a visual makeover. We can renovate your home’s thermal enclosure using modern building science and the latest energy-efficient products to meet today’s sustainability and reduced emissions goals. With our whole systems approach, we can reduce heating and cooling loads so that they can be met with renewable energy. This is considered a Deep Energy Retrofit.


Benefits of a Deep Energy Retrofit include lower energy bills and carbon emissions, higher property values, and an increase in the home’s comfort, durability, indoor air quality and curb appeal.  A Deep Energy Retrofit is a remodeling project and has a remarkable effect on the look and feel of a home.  Homeowners with a sense of stewardship towards their home and their planet are turning toward the Deep Energy Retrofit as the best way to bring their values into alignment with their homes.  This is how buildings are transformed for generations to come.

Thermal Upgrades
A Deep Energy Retrofit is a comprehensive home remodeling strategy that achieves a significant reduction in energy use and costs. It is a whole-home strategy focused on exterior upgrades such as air sealing, insulationwindows, and doors.

Exterior Upgrades
Exterior upgrades often include removing siding, adding exterior insulation, replacing windows and doors, and installing new siding and exterior trim.  This is a radical transformation of the exterior, resulting in a new look, greater comfort, and reduced energy and carbon emissions.

Electrification Upgrades
To reduce carbon emissions, many Deep Energy Retrofit projects are using an electrification strategy to replace fossil fuel systems with zero emission, highly efficient electric systems.  These electrification measures include electric vehicles, induction stoves, electric clothes dryers, heat pumps and heat pump water heaters.

Renewable Energy and Net Zero Electrification measures can be even more effective when powered by an on-site renewable energy system such as rooftop solar and backed up with a battery storage system.  Electric costs are estimated to increase at 3.5% per year but installing a PV solar system allows you to lock in your energy prices at today’s rates for the next 25 years. For sites with good solar access Building Energy can design and install solar systems that are sized to provide all the power a home needs.  Buildings that generate as much energy as they consume are considered Net Zero.

How to get started with a Deep Energy Retrofit.

Here is the story behind the Deep Energy Retrofit in the pictures above!

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