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General solar system maintenance is vital to ensuring optimal output for many decades. Here are some tips regarding care for your solar system!

  1. Monitor your solar inverter – Now that the snow has melted and the sun is starting to peek through, you’ll want to ensure your solar inverter has no error codes or warning messages! If you have a SolarEdge inverter, the SolarEdge app makes it easy to ensure your solar panels are always functioning correctly!
  2. Monitor the output of your system – Doing this will ensure that your solar system is performing as expected and producing energy at peak performance!
  3. Check your solar panels for damages – After the heavy snowfall Vermont had this winter, you’ll want to ensure your panels are not indented or damaged in any way!
  4. Avoid getting on your roof – It’s tempting to climb onto your roof to clean your mounted solar panels, but the water and soap can create a slippery environment! Try cleaning your panels from the ground with a hose, or call a professional to help!
  5. Clean your solar array – If you live in an area with a lot of dust or pollen, you may need to clean your panels a few times a year, but usually, light rain should do the trick! During your visual check, check for leaves, pollen, dirt, dust, and droppings from birds and animals. If they need to be cleaned, a regular garden hose works best!
  6. Avoid using harsh soaps and traditional cleaning tools – Don’t pressure wash your solar panels even though it seems like the most efficient way to clean them. The high pressure can impact the seal around the panels and frame, allowing water to enter the PV system and causing damage that would require significant repairs.
  7. Keep debris away from your panels – You should trim any plants or trees that shade your solar panels. Ensure there are no nests hiding on or under your solar panels; squirrels can cause damage if they reside under your solar array!

If you have any questions, want to upgrade your solar system or install a new one, have a SolarEdge battery installed, or have your inverter upgraded, fill out our form or call us at 802-859-3384!

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