Solar Systems

Solar Systems in (VT) Vermont

Building Energy is your leading source for solar system design and installation in Vermont. Having experience with both solar photovoltaic systems (solar PV systems) and solar hot water systems (solar thermal systems) our solar installers will fit your home or business with the correct solar system based on the individual project.

Solar Photovoltaic Systems

(Solar PV Systems)

With a photovoltaic solar system, you actually generate electricity using the sun’s energy. Also known as PV solar, recent advances in solar electricity generating technology make this option increasingly popular. A PV system will reduce or eliminate your electric bill altogether!


Solar Hot Water Systems

(Solar Thermal Systems)

Solar hot water systems use the sun’s energy for domestic water or space heating. Solar hot water systems consist of one or more solar collectors, a storage tank, circulator pumps and controls. Solar hot water (SHW) systems are the most efficient and cost-effective solar technology available. A typical installation will provide 100% of the domestic hot water needs during the summer months and 60% to 75% annually.

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