Wood boiler installation Monkton

Darrel Duffy – Wood boiler installation Monkton

Darrel Duffy

Ranch style house

Wood Boiler
“We installed our Tarm Solo Plus 40 back at the beginning of January and since then we have loved staying warm.”

“Prior to January 5th we heated our 2800 sq ft ranch with propane and had to keep the heat at 62 degrees during the day and 59 at night just to keep it affordable.”

“We now keep our heat at 66 to 68 during the day not because of cost but that is all the heat we can take, and 62 to 64 at night.  We even enjoy leaving a window open here and there just to get the fresh air and haven’t noticed that much of a change in wood usage.”

“It is the end of April and I have made it from January 5th to now and only used 5% of our propane tank.”

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