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The Basics of A Heat Pump

A heat pump, also known as a cold climate heat pump or ductless mini split, functions as both a heating and air conditioning system. They don’t burn fossil fuels like a furnace does which makes them more environmentally friendly. The name heat pump is a bit misleading since they don’t generate heat like a furnace. Instead, it moves heat from one place to another by absorbing heat energy from the outside air and then the heat pump transfers it into the indoor air. When in cooling mode, a heat pump absorbs heat from the indoor air and releases it through the outdoor unit. 

A lack of proper maintenance and regular servicing can negatively impact your heat pump system’s efficiency, create problems later down the road, and potentially limit the lifespan of your unit. Over time, dust and debris can clog the air filters causing airflow to be restricted. Keeping your heat pump’s filters clean will ensure your system is reaching optimum efficiency and reduce unnecessary energy consumption. You should clean your filters three to four times a year or once or twice a season. If you live near a dirt road, where there is a lot of pollen, or you use your system frequently, your filters might look like a lint trap from a dryer. That’s a good indicator that you’ll need to clean yours more regularly.

Here’s everything you need to know to clean your heat pump!

What You’ll Need To Get Cleaning

– Dry cloth or paper towel

– A vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment

– Step stool for a wall-mounted unit

– Lukewarm water

Cleaning Your Indoor Unit’s Filters & Grilles

Removing and cleaning your filters is an easy task that can be done without the assistance of a service technician! Always make sure your heat pump is turned off before you start. Your unit’s front panel will need to be lifted so you can get to the air filters to take them out. Once you have your air filters out, you can clean them with a paper towel, cloth, or a brush attachment for your vacuum. When you’ve finished removing the dust and dirt from the filter, soak a soft cloth in lukewarm water and wipe it down. If it’s too wet, you can leave the filter in a shaded area to dry before placing it back into the heat pump.

As you can see, our office heat pump filters here at Building Energy needed to be cleaned! Your filters might look clean to the human eye, but give them a quick clean anyways. You never know how much dirt and dust has really collected on those filters.

Cleaning Your Outdoor Unit

Make sure the outdoor unit is turned off by powering off the electrical circuit before you clean it. Be sure to clear any leaves, weeds, and other natural debris from the outdoor unit so the heat pump can run at its best and to avoid easy access for critters such as snakes or mice. A simple washdown of the outdoor unit with a garden hose on a very low-pressure setting will do the trick!

Benefits of Cleaning Your Heat Pump

Like most material items in life, if you take good care of them, those items will last you a while. There are multiple benefits to cleaning and servicing your heat pump on a regular basis!

Longer Lifespan

We all know the seasons in Vermont can be challenging, especially the winter months. Your heat pump works hard all year round; natural wear and tear can occur during colder months. Cleaning your heat pump a minimum of three to four times a year can give your system the proper maintenance to last longer. Any unresolved issues can reduce the service life of your unit and threaten the safety and comfort of you and your family members.

Improve Efficiency

When your heat pump is in poor shape, it may need to work harder to keep your home at a comfortable temperature; this makes your system less efficient and more expensive. By performing regular cleanings and yearly maintenance, you can be sure your system is working at a high level of efficiency and lower your utility bills!

Wrap Up

Once you’ve cleaned your filters, then it’s time to get your annual cleaning. Think of the job like an oil change in your car; you wouldn’t wait until you car shuts down before changing the oil! If you do wait too long, it could eventually lead to your heat pump breaking down which can be costly. We highly recommend “We Clean Heat Pumps” to do the annual cleaning job for you.

Are you tired of moving the air conditioning in and out of the windows and want something more efficient? Are you looking to stop paying an arm and a leg for propane or gas and want to save money? Give us a call or contact us today to talk about the heat pump options we can install for you!

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