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Fall mums outside of Building Energy

Fall Has Arrived! 

The arrival of Fall means cooler weather is just around the corner and it’s time to switch gears from cooling to heating. To maintain optimal comfort, drive energy efficiency through the heating months, and protect your HVAC investment, Mitsubishi recommends you clean your filters regularly.

Fall Maintenance for your Mitsubishi Mini Split Heat Pump

The simple act of cleaning your filters will make a big difference to the quality of the indoor air you breathe by removing any accumulated dirt and allergens that build up over time. Regular cleaning will also help improve efficiency and prolong the life of your heat pump unit. Cleaning often, rather than waiting until the filters are filled with dust and pollen is always the best option.

How to Clean Air Filters 

(See Operating Manual for specific Recommended Cleaning Instructions)

Remove the front panel to access the air filters. (see Operating Manual) Mitsubishi recommends you clean the air filter (the smaller of the 2 filters) every 2 weeks.  Simply remove any dirt build up by using the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner, or rinse with water then place in shade to dry. The air cleaning filter (this is the larger of the two filters) should be cleaned every 3-4 months and replaced once a year for best performance. Remove dirt using the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner. When dirt cannot be removed by vacuum cleaning, soak the filter and it’s frame in lukewarm water before rinsing it. (Diluted mild detergents can be used) After washing with water, dry it well in shade.

Cleaning the Heat Exchange

With the air filters removed, take a look at your heat exchange. This will look like a bunch of thin plates lined up vertically. If it is really dirty, you may need to schedule a professional cleaning. You can use the brush attachment on your vacuum to clean the heat exchange vertically… gently moving the brush up and down the heat exchange.  (The heat exchange may be damaged if it is cleaned horizontally.)

Note: If the heat pump has been cooling, it may be wet from condensation. This will make it difficult to vacuum. For best results, attempt to clean only after the unit has been off for at least 5 hours. Also, do not touch the heat exchange with your bare hands. It is best to wear a pair of gloves to avoid injury.
For more information watch this video: Mitsubishi Homeowner Help: Filter Cleaning