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Important Solar Information from Building Energy

Considering Solar? Now is the Time to Act!
The Solar Adder, for net-metered PV, will decrease from $0.02 to $0.01 effective July 1 2019. If you are considering solar contact Building Energy now so we can submit your Certificate of Public Good (CPG) before the deadline in order to lock in the higher incentive. This is a ten year adder for all the solar production, so the savings could amount to $1000 or more, depending on system size.
30% Federal Tax Credit will be expiring on 12/31/19
ITC credits will begin stepping down from 30% at the end of 2019.
The tax credit for systems installed after 12/31/19 will drop to 26%. After 12/31/20, it’ll drop even further to 22%, and by 2022 the federal tax credit will drop to zero. 
That’s why the time to go solar is now. But not to worry, we can help you maximize on all the  solar savings   available to you.
Whether you have a proposal in hand or are interested in getting a free quote, contact us today to find out how you can lock in the best pricing available. Don’t miss out on this opportunity.
Call 802-859-3384 Ext. 115 or email today! 
Remember last summers heat wave? Were you uncomfortably cold during this recent cold snap?
Now is the time to take advantage of Efficiency Vermont’s newly announced $100 bonus for Cold Climate Heat Pumps. You can receive up to $500 off each unit.
Call Building Energy now to get a free quote and book your installation. 802-859-3384

Building Energy scores highly from another valued customer!

Glenn G. – Richmond VT

on Jan 23, 2019



The Building Energy team was excellent. If they saw something that needed attention they addressed it properly and efficiently. I had them do some other work that was not part of the energy efficiency scope and was very impressed with the person who performed that work as well. From the people in the office to the people in the field, I found this company to be a high quality operation. I would highly recommend Building Energy.

Way to go Chris Charuk , Brian Tucker and our Insulation Team!

Clean Energy Workforce Appreciation Event & Legislative Reception

The Building Energy Team will be in attendance.  Come meet one of the most respected Solar and Efficiency Teams in Vermont.
Building Energy Logo
Vermont State House, Cedar Creek Room, Montpelier, Vermont
 All Trade Allies

Efficiency Vermont and Renewable Energy Vermont (REV) will be hosting a Clean Energy Workforce Legislative Reception at the Vermont Statehouse on Tuesday, March 12. This event will showcase all of our partners who make clean and efficient energy a reality in Vermont, and allow for these partners to connect with their local legislators. There will be displays of recent clean energy and energy efficiency projects and technologies, casual conversation, and food and beverages. REV will also be holding their annual meeting and a skills training prior to this reception and all EEN members are invited to attend.

Demilec Spray Foam Named Year’s Best Green Building Product

Building Energy has been using Demilec Spray Foam in all our customers homes!

“Demilec’s closed-cell Heatlok HFO spray foam uses a hydrofluoroolefin (HFO) compound as the blowing agent — the part of the mix that produces insulating bubbles in the cured foam. HFOs have a drastically lower global warming potential than the hydrofluorocarbon blowing agents they replace.”

Call Building Energy today to discuss the benefits of having a home audit  done and the proper use of spray foam.

Krag Solar Farm Installation in Shelburne, Vermont

Building Energy is excited to announce the completion of our most recent addition to the Krag Solar Farm in Shelburne, Vermont.  The Krag’s are true solar believers, as they started out with a  7 KW roof-mounted solar array on their home in 2014.  They then had us install a 60KW solar farm system in their meadow in 2015.  The newest project is a 15KW addition to their meadow solar array.  The Krag’s are now 100% solar powered for their home and farm! Let the sunshine!

Proudly designed and installed by a Vermont owned and operated the company.

“The Building Energy Solar Team”

Nik Ponzio, Russ Flanigan, Ben McFeeters, Solal Hecker and Brian Tucker

Solar Farm Instillation

Working in the fields!!








Solar Farm Instillation

80KW Complete

Solar Farm Instillation

Solar Sunset in Shelburne!














6.33 kW DC PV Solar System in Fairfax, Vermont

pv solar system in fairfax, vermont

Residential Roof Mounted Solar System

6.33 kW DC PV solar system installed on a residential building in Fairfax, Vermont in October of 2017.

This is a very typical solar panel installation for a house in Vermont. It will cover all the amount of this family’s electric consumption. This system is under manufacturer warranty for 25 years and will probably last much longer. This is something every household in Vermont should have on their roof. The client is very happy with the system and is saving big by going green!

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