The Severance Home

– The Severance Home

Wasting Energy & Money

Phyllis Severance’s 1840 Williston home was wasting money and losing energy by the minute. She was paying for heat that was leaking right out the roof, due to poor insulation and a lack of air sealing.

Fixing the Waste

In November of 2008, Severance contacted Scott Gardner, of Building Energy, a participating Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® contractor, and had an energy audit performed on her home. Gardner presented Severance a list of ways to improve the energy efficiency of her home, an energy savings estimate and Efficiency Vermont incentive information. Together, they decided which areas to focus on for maximum benefit, including return on her investment.The total project cost for this 3,100 sq. ft. home was $5,932. The selected improvements were:

• Air-sealing and insulating the basement;

• Re-insulating the attic above a recent addition;

• Blower-door directed air-sealing throughout

The Results

Once the improvements were complete, diagnostic tests showed a 37% reduction in air leakage—falling neatly within Building Energy’s projected range. Severance immediately felt more comfortable around her home,  and soon after noticed significant changes in her energy bills.

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