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Homeowner’s complaints
“[The] Downstairs bedroom is cold, family room above garage is hot in summer.”

Homeowner’s goals
“Reduce ice buildup in the back of the house above kitchen. Lower energy costs. Reduce summer heat cost in family room.”

Primary Issues:

  1. Ice Jambs on the north side of the house are being caused by insulation and air barrier gaps on the sloped ceiling, kitchen soffit and dormer walls.
  2.  The house has a high air infiltration rate due to the inadequate air barriers in family room attic.
  3. The main attic fiberglass insulation should be replaced so that the entire flat attic plane can be air sealed. This would be relatively easy to do when the home is being reroofed. 

Reinsulation & Air Sealing


  • In the attic on both sides of the storage area and the floor above the master bath: air seal with spray foam and/or dense pack cellulose contained by stapled netting.
  • Above the kitchen soffit, from the side of the dormer wall and slant rafter cavity: spray the side wall with 3” of foam and cap the corner. Inject cellulose into the rafter bay between the dormer wall and family room to 16” deep loose fill.
  • Family room flat attic: remove poorly placed fiber glass insulation and air seal. Inject 16” of loose fill cellulose over the attic flat.
  • Kitchen Soffit: spray foam 7” into rafter bays from eave to the dormer wall and all along the top of the wall above the soffit. Also add cellulose insulation in Kitchen soffit.
  • Clear story: spray foam 5.5” of spray foam on all four sides. 


Blower Door Test Before Work

Blower Door Test After work

 % Reduction in Air Leakage

Blower Door Change

Heat Energy Savings






Reduction Statistics

Blower Door Decrease/ $

Heat Energy Savings/ $

 Incentives received from Efficiency Vermont

Incentive $/ Contract $

0.21/ $1

0.32896% / $1

 $ 1,040.75

0.31/  $1



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Kitchen Infrared Image

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