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The Plante Family


Waterbury Center, Vermont

The 2,535 square food carriage style home was built in 2003. The immense attic space was insulated with fiberglass batts on the flats, slopes, and vertical walls and the finished basement was insulated with fiberglass batts fit into the band sill.


Energy Efficiency Measures
The attic was air sealed and re-insulated using blown cellulose insulation on the flats and slopes (R-60), dense pack cellulose insulation in the cavities (R-60+), and closed cell spray foam insulation on the vertical walls (R-20). The fiberglass insulation was removed from the band sill and closed cell spray foam insulation was installed (R-20). Building Energy also installed a solar hot water system and a 4kW solar electric system.


There was an air leakage reduction of 45% with an estimated 42% of annual heating energy savings for insulation and air sealing improvements.

The solar hot water system will provide roughly 60-70% if the annual hot water usage assuming 40 gallons of hot water is used a day. The solar electric system is projected to provide +/- 55% of the current annual electric use.

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