The Nichol’s Home

– The Nichol’s Home

The Nichol Family


Essex Junction, Vermont


The Problem

A 19th Century Essex Junction converted school house with original woodwork with a significant amount of heat loss and high energy bills.


The Solution

Nichols sought the expertise of Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® contractor Building Energy, who completed an energy audit of her home. Building Energy provided Nichols with a list of recommended measures, their predicted impact on her energy bills, and the applicable incentives from Efficiency Vermont. Thus informed, Nichols chose which improvements to move forward with to ensure maximum return on her investment. These measures included:

• Whole house insulation;

• Blower-door directed air-sealing;

•Repair of a misdirected dryer vent, which was leaking fumes into the home.

The total project cost for this 2,000 sq. ft. home was $7,826. Nichols received $2,500 in incentives from Efficiency Vermont and $400 in other incentives and she secured a low interest loan for the balance.

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Efficiency & Incentives

Nichols received $2,500 in incentives from Efficiency Vermont and $400 in other incentives.

Once the improvements were complete, diagnostic tests revealed a 34% reduction in air leakage, within 6% of Building Energy’s projected range. Nichols looks forward to many more years of lower bills and increased comfort in her home.


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