The Mellinger Home

– The Mellinger Home

Ice Dams Galore

The Mellinger’s 20-year-old Cape was pretty typical for a house of that era and build. Their energy bills weren’t outrageous, and the family was comfortable. Still, they knew there was room for improvement. In winter, ice dams and icicles were sometimes a problem and the Mellingers worried about long-term damage to the roof. 


A Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® contractor conducted an energy audit, and infrared photos revealed a “glowing red ring” around the house, indicating pervasive heat seepage from the basement.

The contractor presented the Mellingers a list of recommended efficiency improvements and an energy savings estimate, and they considered incentive savings estimate and they considered incentive information from Efficiency Vermont and Vermont Gas as well as available tax credits. The Mellingers decided on the following measures:

• Air sealing throughout the home, especially the basement

• Blown-in insulation, particularly in knee-wall and attic areas

• Boiler replacement  


No More Ice Dams

The total cost of the project was $11,150. The Mellingers received $1,647 in incentives from Efficiency Vermont and $2,200 in other incentives.

 The Mellingers are now more comfortable and tests show that they’ve reduced air leakage by 40% — that’s 10% above their contractor’s projection. This past winter, several neighbors experienced serious ice dam issues, resulting in roof leaks and extensive damage. The Mellingers were happy to report: “Not a single ice dam.”

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