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Norwich, Vermont


The home was built in 2004 and has 1,731 square feet of heated space including the basement. The home has a radiant slab in the basement with radiant heating on the first floor and radiators on the second floor. The band sill was insulated with fiberglass but there was no insulation in the first floor joists over the radiant heating tubes or panels. There was a bulkhead door with no door with a rough concrete opening and there was no attic access.


Energy Efficiency Measures
The fiberglass insulation in the band sill was removed and 3″ of closed cell spray foam insulation was installed. The bulkhead rough opening was framed and an insulated metal door was installed. Fiberglass insulation was used in the floor joists to improve the distribution of the radiant heat system. Various air sealing measures such as window trim, light fixtures in the second floor ceiling and basement windows were performed.


The house had a 41% reduction in air leakage with an estimated 22% reduction in heating energy savings. The radiant heat system has better distribution, making it more efficient. The basement is warmer during the heating season.

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Bulk head door insulation

Bulk head door insulation



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