Energy Audits Help Pinpoint Problems

Steve & Karen Cutler – Energy Audits Help Pinpoint Problems

Steve & Karen Cutler


Steve and Karen Cutler bought a house in Bridport with commanding views of Lake Champlain. The couple discovered, however, that the winter winds blowing off the lake tended to course right through their home.

An energy audit by the Williston firm Building Energy confirmed the problem. “They found it was drafty as hell,” Karen Cutler said.


Building Energy did a full energy audit of the Cutler home recently. “They prioritized things, which was really nice,” Cutler said. “I’m absolutely very glad we went through this. They were terrific.”

The company helped the Cutlers do some immediate work, such as caulking some of many windows in the home.  The house needs a new roof, and Scott Gardner from Building Energy suggested the Cutlers make the roof more energy efficient during the roof work. That would be easier than trying to get at cold air leaks from inside the house, within the attic, she said.


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