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high performance home with solar panels in Vermont

Two of our clients recently bought a home and knew they wanted it to be as energy-efficient as possible (i.e., a high-performance home). By the end of spring 2021, our teams helped design and install a 20.4-kW rooftop solar system, 4 heat pumps, and insulation and air sealing in both the attic and the basement! Afterward, the clients reported back that they are “so happy with it” and would recommend Building Energy to others.

How did they get started?

As environmentally conscious people, these clients hope to be as respectful to the land, air, and creatures as possible. One of their family members, who owns a local construction company, knew that they needed insulation and solar help; so, they recommended “the best of the best” — Building Energy. Indeed, they “clearly trust her perspective” and decided to reach out to the team at Building Energy.

What were the air sealing and insulation projects?

Seeking comfort and energy efficiency, these clients wanted to properly air seal and insulate their home. Working with our project manager Andrew Charbonneau, they chose to invest in air sealing and insulation for both the attic and basement.

Starting with the attic, our insulation team installed loose-fill cellulose insulation. Made from recycled paper, cellulose insulation has been a trusted choice for insulating attics and sidewalls for decades. In addition, our team rerouted bath fans to the outside to prevent moisture buildup.

In the basement, our team began by removing the existing fiberglass insulation. Then, they applied spray foam to the box sills, rim joists, and over the top of the foundation walls. In addition to being a powerful insulator, spray foam is an incredible energy saver and perfect for those hard-to-get areas like crawlspaces.

What were the heat pump and solar projects?

With the air sealing and insulation completed, the clients then worked with our senior solar project engineer, Nik Ponzio, on the heat pump and solar systems.

Nik and the team installed and secured rebates for 4 ductless mini splits or cold climate heat pumps. Now the clients can enjoy year-round heating and cooling throughout their home.

A high-performance or energy-efficient home with cold climate heat pumps.

Plus, they have a 20.4 kW solar system gracing their roof with 60 all-black panels. Each year, they can expect that the system will produce over 18,000 kWh. Thirty years from now, they are expected to harvest over 515,000 kWh of energy from the sun! In addition, they were able to take advantage of the current solar incentives and significantly cut their energy bills.

A high-performance or energy-efficient home with solar panels

What do they think?

Overall, the clients noted that they are “highly satisfied and overjoyed” and said:

Every step of the process with Building Energy has been phenomenal. From the planning stages with Nik, to the building/action steps with each person: Andrew, Russ, etc. We have been beyond impressed with the professionalism, the care, the mindfulness that is included in the process. 

We are overjoyed with how the solar and mini-splits work – and it’s fun to see the results in the app. We saw immediate benefits with our electric bill, we have easy and accessible comfort with the temperature and humidity in our home – it has been a superb experience so far.

If you can invest in this process – do it. Building Energy knows what they are doing. Think of the big picture and larger impact to the environment and to our roles on this planet.

A high-performance or energy-efficient home with solar panels

Happy Housewarming!

Congratulations on your new high-performance home, and on making these critical investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy! Our teams take great pride in these types of home performance projects; they not only bring together our talented weatherization, heat pump, and solar teams but they also demonstrate our high-performance or whole systems approach.

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