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From an Energy Audit to Renovations

In 2014, Michael and Yana invested in an energy audit with Building Energy to find out how they could improve the interior and exterior of their home. After a thorough inspection of their home, appliances, heating systems, and overall thermal envelope, our BPI Certified Energy Auditor and Senior Energy Consultant, Russ Flanigan, was able to provide Michael and Yana a detailed written report with his findings, energy-saving tips, and recommended work for energy improvements.

Fast forward eight years later,  Michael and Yana signed the contract and utilized just about every service Building Energy has to offer to complete the energy efficiency recommendations!

Projects Building Energy Helped With

In the summer of 2022, Michael and Yana worked with our Construction Sales Manager, Bryan Bergeron, to kick off multiple projects with Building Energy.

Bryan worked with the homeowners to encourage a deep energy retrofit project that would drastically improve their home’s insulation during the construction portions of the project.

Putting their carpentry skills to work, our construction team helped reside the home, build a new deck, fix the garage ceiling, repair rot damage, fascia, and soffit replacement, along with window and door replacement.

Plus, our weatherization and insulation team property air-sealed and insulated their garage, placed foam board insulation under the new siding, installed new triple-pane windows and doors, and placed foam boards around the exterior of their home!

Improved Energy Efficiency

After the work was completed, our BPI Certified Energy Auditor Jacob Smeriglio performed a CAZ test to find the post-work blower door base pressure number. It was reported that the home’s energy efficiency performance improved by 61%!

With a comprehensive project like Michael and Yana’s, our teams worked together and demonstrated Building Energy’s whole-systems approach to building performance.

From Michael and Yana

Our project was certainly a success overall, and there’s a lot of ways it has proved itself out since it was finished.

Michael T.

Let’s Start Your Home Performance Projects

At Building Energy, we use a holistic or whole-systems approach to building performance. We specialize in high-performance homes and incorporate conservation, efficiency, and renewable energy.

In addition, our team is more than happy to help you secure available local and state-level incentives and rebates. From Efficiency Vermont, Vermont Gas (VGS), and Washington Electric Co-Op to Green Mountain Power, Burlington Electric Department, and more, we can work with you to determine which rebates you may be eligible for.

If you are interested in starting your own home projects, call us at 802-859-3384, fill out our contact form, or email [email protected]!

We look forward to helping you remodel and renovate your home while keeping energy efficiency in mind!

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