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In 2000, Cynthia and her husband built their 1,100-square-foot, two-bedroom retirement home to fit the then 4-Star ENERGY STAR New Construction Program requirements, making their home energy efficient. At that time, they had the latest windows, doors, solar hot water system, solar electric panels, the most up-to-date insulation, and energy-efficient lighting inside and out! 

She started her home’s transformation process with an energy audit performed by us in 2012! Energy audits are a significant first step in assessing your home’s energy consumption and determining which measures would best help to make your home more energy efficient. It can also help identify whether your home requires a complete retrofit or if it can be addressed with fewer measures.

What is a deep energy retrofit?

Also known as “net zero remodeling” or “green remodeling,” a Deep Energy Retrofit is a comprehensive home remodeling strategy that achieves a reduction in energy costs of 70% or more. It is a whole-home strategy that includes significant building envelope upgrades such as insulation, windows, and doors. 

Upgrades may also be made to heating and cooling systems through the redesign of duct systems and the inclusion of on-demand hot water tanks or heat pump hot water tanks. Solar systems and heat pumps are also usually incorporated throughout the remodel.

What did Building Energy Do?

Cynthia’s home has been undergoing a multi-project deep energy retrofit and remodeling transformation with Building Energy since 2014 when she had her single-zone heat pump installed.

Funny enough, Cynthia’s original 20 PV panel system and 10-panel addition for 6kWs total was installed by Nik Ponzio, our Vice President and Senior Project Engineer!

When we built the house, people were like, ‘why are you putting up solar panels?’ For us, the cost of a good car was the same, and we figured, why not! We didn’t care about a return of investment. We just liked the fact that it was cool from both the energy and environmental point of view and were definitely ahead of the times back then.

Cynthia opted to remove the outdated solar hot water system on the roof and install a heat pump water heater. Since she heats her home with wood, the boiler that was used for the hot water was rarely in use.

After the heat pump water heater was installed and the solar water heater was removed, Cynthia figured, “if we are going to put up four more PV panels, we should pull them all off and redo the roof,” which is exactly what happened!

Our solar installation crew added four new solar PV panels, 34 solar optimizers with rapid shutdown to bring Cynthia’s existing solar system up to code, and installed a SolarEdge Energy hub inverter and battery backup.

Our construction crew reroofed the garage, where the now 34 PV panel solar system sits. The plan is to reroof the house in the fall of 2023! They also put up brand-new siding on the garage and house, replaced five exterior doors and four windows with triple-glazed ones, and replaced the ceiling tiles for aesthetic purposes!

I figured, why not do all these projects while I still can!”

Cynthia didn’t stop there; she even hired our weatherization department too!

We wrapped the home in rigid foam board for weatherization before adding the siding. This adds moisture control and prevents air leakage in the home. Cynthia also had our weatherization crew upgrade her attic insulation from R-30 to R-60 and basement insulation to R-23, just like we outlined in her 2012 audit report!

After the insulation upgrades, Cynthia’s blower door test number dropped 17%, meaning her house is tighter than it was in 2012, thanks to the work Building Energy has completed so far!

It’s just exciting to have the house all set, and I figured it’s probably set for life unless something major happens. All these projects were done so I could live comfortably.

What does Cynthia think?

I really have enjoyed working with Building Energy which is why I keep coming back! This is my fourth project with them. They do quality work, and you get what you pay for. 

It’s nice that Building Energy is a one-stop shop for your home. I didn’t realize that Building Energy could do all these projects! Now I don’t have to worry about finding other people to do my projects; I’ll just call up Building Energy!”

We are thrilled to have Cynthia as one of our long-time customers and can’t wait to complete her other projects

Here’s how you can get your projects started!

If you’re looking for a deep energy retrofit or weatherization work, we recommend starting with an energy audit! This will help determine the best measures to make your home more energy efficient and save you significant money over time!

Fill out our contact form for solar, heat pumps, construction, and other questions. Or, call us at 802-859-3384! Our calendar is open, and we can’t wait to assist you on your energy efficiency or renovation journey!

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