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Residential Services & Products 

At Building Energy, we are passionate about making homes energy efficient and self sustaining.

No other company has the wide range of products and services that we offer.  What that means is, we are unique in being able to comprehensively evaluate and address the energy requirements of your home.

An important distinction between Building Energy and other companies is that we look at and evaluate your energy issues in terms of the whole structure.  Doing so, allows us to present you with a comprehensive set of solutions and alternatives. You can then make the best choice of work to be done, on a cost / benefit basis.

What differentiates Building Energy from other companies?


  • Along with our sister company, Northeast Construction, we have been building residential structures for over 30 years.
  • We have significant experience building energy efficient houses.  One of our houses was recognized  as one of the tightest and most energy efficient houses built in the state of Vermont. We lived in this house for a year, to monitor and test the passive and active systems for one year, while recording energy consumption totals.
  • 15 Years of high performance design and construction using dense pack cellulose and spray foam insulation. *We insulate with our own crews*

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Wide range of services and products Including:

  • Our 30 year record of service assures you that we are here for the long term and will take care of you, the customer.
  • Solar Systems

Staff & Team of Experts


  • Our staff is fully trained, experienced and certified by State agencies, trade associations and industry specific groups.
  • Our staff includes a solar engineer, bio-heat engineer, four energy auditors, and two trained insulation crews. 


  • We have an outstanding reputation for honesty, integrity and the quality of our work.

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