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Heat Pumps

Building Energy has experience working with, analyzing and installing heating systems of all kinds. As part of our audit process we test the efficiency of your home or buildings heating system and give you recommendations for alternative systems based on site specifics, budgetary constraints, and personal needs.

Sick of running your window air conditioner all summer? Feeling a little cold in the winter? Try out a Cold Climate Heat Pump. Not only do they offer heating for those winter months, but they air condition as well!

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  • Heat Recovery Ventilators Have an old House? Sick of the stale air inside? You need an HRV! By using an HRV you not only create a more efficient heating system but you also get healthier, more refreshing air through the most efficient home ventilation system. HRV’s use the warm air inside your house to help heat the new, clean ...
  • Cold Climate Heat Pumps Learn how this efficient electric heat source can be used in your home. Interested in making your home net-zero? Heat pumps or Ductless Minisplits are a great first step. More »

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